How to Participate

  • The organisers have defined three-subtasks and will release the training data. Participants can work on any or all of the subtasks.

  • The participants can form a team with multiple people, or a single person team is okay.

  • The participants can experiment with the training data to develop models. Usage of any external data or resources is allowed and highly encouraged. This process can run util the evaluation period.

  • Evaluation period: Organisers will release the test set containing instances without the labels. The participants will use their developed models to predict the labels for the instances, and they have to create a submission file that follows exactly the same format as the training data. These prediction files should be submitted to Codalab submission portal (will be announced later). These predictions will be compared against the ground truth labels of the test data and the teams will be ranked on a leaderboard according to the performance score.

  • Each team is encouraged to write a system description paper describing their submission system, including interesting insights, and submit it before the due date.¬†After a review period, each team has to update their submitted paper based on the review feedback and submit the camera-ready version. Accepted papers will be published as part of the proceedings of the SemEval 2023 Workshop (link).

Trial Data

We provide a sample dataset for the shared task. Check the Github repository.

Training Data

coming soon

Submission Website

We will be accepting and evaluating your submissions on CodaLab. The submission page will be available soon!


Since our datasets are imbalance, we will use macro-F1 (macro-averaged F1) score for model evaluation.


The Evaluation phase of Afri-Senti-SemEval 2023 will start on January 10, 2023 and end on 31 January 2023. The Evaluation results and rankings will be notified in this page. We will list the usernames as they appear on CodaLab and the F1 score of your LAST submission.

System Description Papers

Participants who made a submission on the CodaLab website during the official evaluation period are given the opportunity to submit a system-description paper. The paper will be part of the SemEval-2023 proceedings.