System Description paper

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a workshop on writing system description papers. Participants are encouraged to submit a system description paper, regardless of their ranking.

During the workshop, we will explain how to write a system description paper and participants will be able to ask questions. The session will be held on the 9th of February, 2023. The details will be sent by email to all the participants.

The workshop will be delivered by Nedjma Ousidhoum and Saif Mohammad

Track 1: Hausa

Track 2: Yoruba

Track 3: Igbo

Track 4: Nigerian_Pidgin

Track 5: Amharic

Track 6: Algerian Arabic

Track 7: Moroccan Arabic/Darija

Track 8: Swahili

Track 9: Kinyarwanda

Track 10: Twi

Track 11: Mozambican Portuguese

Track 12: Xitsonga (Mozambique Dialect)

Track 16: Multilingual

Track 17: Zero-Shot on Tigrinya

Track 18: Zero-Shot on Oromo